You spy, I spy a lead-spy

 In Branding

By: Jessica Bunker


It’s just like the game when we were kids. Were all always looking for something? I spy Something Green, its grass! Now the green were looking for is not grass the green where looking for is in the form of cash money! When you have a business and your looking to increase your customer base you’re not too sure where to turn. Sometimes you spend hours and hours scrolling through social media, other people’s websites, or just plain old have given up. You don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising. So where do you turn for the help you need? Look no further, Jon Zajac of Manchester, NH has come up with a new epic way to get you the leads you need to help you increase your customer base in turn increase sales.

Lead-Spy is a new technology that generates leads through social media platforms. Spy’s on your competitor’s leads and puts you in front of people ready to buy in your markets. Searches through thousands of your competitor’s pages and finds qualified leads based off of keywords you decide. This new creative technology saves you time! Time is money! Lead-Spy opens up the possibilities to grow your business in a way that no other way can offer at this time. This was created by a business man who needed to prosper and take control over his customer base. Just like you he was wasting time looking for solutions to problems that he had.

Why waste time and energy when you can get Lead-Spy today and grow your customer base and increase your sales with little to no energy on your part! This new innovative way to put you right in front of your customers and close sales is a breath of fresh air. Fast and efficient or your money back! What better way to go about growing your own business with the safety of trying out a new product that has a 100% guarantee! No time or money wasted! Lead-spy does not disappoint so don’t waste another second pounding your key board and wracking your brain on how to grow your business. Go to and get expanding today!



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