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By: Jessica Bunker


Unlike most people detectives and expert gumshoes have extensive training and knowledge on how to find what they are looking for. Weather it be a criminal that stole jewelry or a stray cat up in a tree. They have to do various amounts of research, look for clues and track down people that they think knows about the events in question.  Sometimes they come up short or don’t know where to look and are stumped. They have nowhere to turn.

The same thing can be said for you a business owner. You are just like a detective. You need to look for customers attract them into talking to you about your product and convince them to tell you they want to buy it.

You look up and down for ways to attract customers to you. Whether it be an ad in a newspaper, a billboard, or a commercial. You spend so much time and money trying to attract the customers to come to you. There is no guarantee that someone will pick up a newspaper and see you’re add, turn the T.V. on at exactly the right time your add will air or drive past the road your bill board is on. So where do you go, where can you turn for help?

What if I told you there was a new way for you to get in front of your customers. Talk with them easily and seal the deal? Your thinking, yeah ok this is too good to be true. Nothing is ever easy anymore. Even with all these advancements in technology, such as Face Book and Twitter. It takes time to scroll through threads and posts. It takes time to comb through millions of emails and comments. What if there was a way for that to all be done for you? Have the work completed and have the customers be plopped right in your lap? Would you be interested?

Well scroll and comb no more! Lead-Spy is here! Lead-Spy is a new technology that generates leads through social media platforms. Spy’s on your competitor’s leads and puts you in front of people ready to buy in your markets. Searches through thousands of your competitor’s pages and finds qualified leads based off of keywords you decide. 

Detectives and Gumshoes have nowhere to turn when their case comes up cold. You do now! This new business changing technology is your way to stop the time consuming searches and let Lead-Spy do it for you! Get those customers in front of you and get them to buy your product with ease. These customers are already looking for the product you provide! They are looking for you! Be there for them! Get Lead-Spy and grow your customer base and profit now! Go to and don’t let your business go cold!


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