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By: Jessica Bunker

Many people ask what the most important part of running business, is it marketing, leadership or programing? Most people would say the financial assets. However before you can make a profit there are urgent issues that need to be addressed. For every business the one quintessential need is to gain a customer base.

Lead Spy is the avant-garde of technology. So unconventional and trend setting. This leading-edge technology is changing the game on how business owners are increasing sales and leads. This technology puts you right in front of your customers making it effortless to contact them.


Lead Spy makes it easier than ever to accumulate leads and increase your presence on social media. Lead spy is a computer program that combs through key words on Facebook that you choose, increases sales, increase leads and it increase your presence on social media.  Adding Friends interested in the products and services you provide has never been easier. Lead Spy violates no Facebook terms and is user friendly!


What better way is there to put you directly in front of your consumers interested in what your selling!? This program makes the sales side of business intimate and personal by directly messaging your consumers which in turn will grow your relationships and partnerships.


This Program was invented by a businessman looking to build his consumer base and increase sales. No one knows your business better than you do. So if your looking to grow and prosper, look no further go to and start increasing your sales today!


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